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Twitter: peachpellen

Skype: peachpellen

Phone: +61 422 167 656

iMessages: peach[@]peachpellen[.]com

(Keep in mind my hours vary, so if you can’t reach me leave a voice mail or a text and I’ll get back to you.)


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Are you looking to hire an iOS developer?

If so, please take a minute to have a read of why I might be the right person for the job;

  • I have extensive experience (over 40 apps to date)
  • My turn around time is impressively fast
  • My rates, as low as $50 p/h and never above $75 p/h, are competitive and reasonable
  • I provide Ad Hoc builds to try out throughout the process as part of keeping you updated and involved.
  • I can implement Facebook and OpenFeint to your app increasing both fun and social network visibility.
  • I am passionate about Corona, so I genuinely want to help you succeed with it
  • I am a certified Corona SDK Developer
  • As of April 2011 I am working as a Support Engineer for Ansca
  • I’m friendly – if you need advice or help understanding something about apps I am more than willing to help you out by explaining what bits of code do or why they’re written how they are.
  • I have a proven track record.

Certified Developer

As to what I need from you;

  • You need your own Corona license to compile the app for your own developer account
  • As implied above, you need your own developer account!
  • You need to check your emails frequently; if I have questions about what you want you will need to let me know to get your app done in the shortest time possible

I’m available to work on most kinds of projects, however if I feel I may not be able to complete a project and make it 110% perfect, I will decline the job. This is to protect you – I will only take on projects if I know I can make them great.

The sort of projects I would really love to be hired for are fairly simple games, quizzes or personality type tests that post results to Facebook, soundboards and other apps that could be considered similar to the aforementioned.

I assure 100% confidentiality so if you’d like to discuss your idea in specific or simply general terms, please do get in touch.

If you are looking for a speedy response as to whether I’m acceptable/available for your job it is best to include a general idea of what you are after, or better yet to link to a similar app if one exists, and to include your budget if applicable.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Peach Pellen

Contact Me


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  12 Responses to “Contact/Hire”

  1. Hi Peach,
    I found out about you through GameSalad.. Ironic huh? Ive been quite successful in GameSalad but I’m looking to expand my margins… Do you do custom templates? I don’t mean the ones in your store I mean personal ones, If so ill contact you straight away!, I just would like one to learn the code.. You know play around with different mechanics..
    Jack Leonard

    • Hey Jack,
      My availability varies so whether or not I’ll be able to assist depends a little on what specifically you are after and how long it would take me but yes, I do make custom templates.
      I’m about to go off for the night but shoot me an email and we’ll talk, always love helping people learn about Corona! :)

  2. Hi Peach,

    Sent you an e-mail today :-). Looking forward at the possibility of working with you.

  3. Ah yes, 104, a typical summer day in Tucson, but today the HIGH was 37F – the coldest day in 100 years! Stay cool!

  4. Hey Bill,

    I was not, no – I am in the North of Sydney. That said, we’ve had horrific heat this week (104F multiple days in a row, including overnight) and the power has cut out three times in 4 days, for several hours each time.

    I have emailed you to the address from your previous comment!

    Peach :)

  5. Thats Ok. What part of Australia are you in? Are affected by the cyclone?

  6. Sorry for the delay, I took yesterday off from apps/Techority.

    I’ll send you an email shortly :)

  7. Hi Peach,
    I would like to hire you to help me work on a Corona project – please email me at the address above. Thanks,

  8. Hi Lui,

    Typically I don’t do private tutoring because it can be hard to arrange hours and also, often tutorials work better as you can get help for free and then others can share in it as well.

    What kind of things are you looking to learn? Have you checked out Corona For Newbies yet? I have part 1 and 2 up and they’re great starting points :) Let me know!

    Peach :)

  9. thanks for the help i will be donateing pertty soon thanks for the info i will donate evertime you can help me. am a new to corona and lua and all of the programming, i just your help i hope you can tutor me i will pay thanks just tell me how much you will charge me i am a student and dont have moch incom so thanks

  10. Hey there Charles – I look forward to another email from you whenever you’re ready :)



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