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Peach Pellen

Almost a year later, I’m going to finally update this page! The original text will remain, while I’ll make my additions in red :) (For future reference it is September 20, 2011)

That’s right, I’ve got an “About Me” page!

It was born out of extreme boredom paired with the fact I do hope to get to know members of the Corona community better over the next few months or, hopefully, years.

So without further adieu, here’s a picture of me, (yes, I had a few spots then – my diet had been awful; they’re gone now,) and a bit of information that you will likely find boring but that will take up a good 10 minutes of my time!

I do know a lot of you very well now; in fact I speak with 40 or so of you regularly via email and have the pleasure of helping you out daily on the Corona forums, as I now have a casual gig with Ansca Mobile. (The best company in the world. Viva Corona!)


Well, as you already know, I’m Peach Pellen. Legally that isn’t my name, of course – but it’s what I have gone by for almost a decade now and I have no intention of changing it. I’m 21 and as you may or may not have figured out from the above picture, (someone once told me I looked like a dude in it,) I am in fact a woman.

I have left my house only 5 times this year, and it’s about to be December.

I love gaming, horror and gentlemen while I despise movies about dancing, hearing an ice cream truck when I’m broke and people who post 500 photos of themselves on Facebook standing in front of a mirror.

I’m still Peach Pellen but I’m not 21 any more – I’m 22.

Since starting with Corona and getting some passion back into my working life I have left the house more – at least 12 times so far this year – plus I’m flying to America and visiting Ansca HQ 20 days from now (October 10th) so that’s pretty good for a total recluse, eh? ;)

I’m still pretty broke but that comes down to the cost of living in Australia increasing so dramatically and so quickly. My last power bill was $1000. (That’s for 3 months.) That’s pretty crazy. I get by better though as now I enjoy my work I do a lot more of it, so I can afford the occasional ice cream, now!

Beyond that I still love and hate the same things. (Speaking of things I love, Dread is a great horror movie but don’t watch if you want to be able to eat a steak in the near future. I’m not kidding.)


I live in Sydney, Australia. I was born in Adelaide and on the day I turned 16 I moved to Melbourne before coming to Sydney when I was 17. Despite the time difference between here and where most of you are (the US or UK) I am still online at similar times due to the fact I suffer from insomnia and when I can sleep it is almost always during the day.

I still live in Sydney and I still keep terrible hours most of the time. Maybe if I go through a color of the rainbow each year I update this I’ll be able to tell you I live in the US by the time we get to Violet ;) – By then Corona will be THE way to create mobile apps. (I think it is now, but some people need a little longer to catch up.)


The site is just to help others with a passion for creating things. Learning a new language, any language, is hard and I want to make it just a little bit easier than others than it has been for me thus far – I’ve never written a tutorial before now but I felt inspired with Corona because of how great it is, how nice Lua is to learn and how great Carlos is, frankly! I like the fact that I can email him without worrying he’s sitting at his desk thinking, “WTH is wrong with this girl!”

As to app development, I got into it because I love the idea of making games and because I’m not able to get a normal job – the insomnia, amongst other things, makes it impossible – so I’m broke a LOT of the time. While I’m not getting rich from making apps I’m averaging $15 to $20 per day now and that has been enough to keep the power on and, most of the time, keep food in the fridge.

I think no matter how much a developer wants to create things and is passionate about his (or her) apps, money is almost always a factor – especially for people like me. When you live in poverty it can motivate you to achieve great things, or mediocre things in my case – but I’m working on that!

OK, so it turns out Carlos IS sitting at his desk thinking “WTH is wrong with this girl!”, but that’s OK because I often sit at my own desk wondering “WTH is wrong with this guy!”, too ;)

My reasons for Techority haven’t changed and I hope to continue helping teach others all about Apps and Corona for years to come. Decades, if we can build for holographic devices and cell phone chips imbedded in our brains, in the far off future.

That’s it!

Congratulations if you made it this far – I nearly gave up writing about three times then.

That’s really all there is to know about me, besides the fact that I could smell honeycomb all day Friday and still have no idea why. (Also, I’m random!)

Peach Pellen :)


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  50 Responses to “About – OLD”

  1. Hey Peach!

    Holla from another Aussie girl! I’ve just downloaded Corona and looking forward to going through your newbie tutorials. Thumbs up for your work so far! Keep it up :)

  2. Hi Peach!

    I’m a huge fan from Portugal!

    Sorry if this not the right place to post this, but I’m writing to clarify one doubt about Video.

    Is there any way to play non full screen video in Corona (play a video in a rectangle over the main stage for example)?

    Thanks for this web site and all the knowledge you spread by your followers!



    • Hello Paulo!

      Thank you for the kind words :)

      I am afraid at present I do not believe you can define a set area for the video like that. Maybe a post in Feature Requests could help?

  3. hi Peach,

    You really have a nice thing going here..i am a game graphics artist by profession (5 + years now)..i realized after all these years graphics is just one end of the spectrum..and true power of creation lies in able to code or execute your designs as well..otherwise u fell like such a DUD..i have done html/java script and jave during my college days..but it never inspired me to continue( after typing 100-150 lines to make a java applet so that a bouncung ball moves in side the screen really put me off :))

    but all that’s changed today….so here i am trying my hand at corona and lua..keep up the good work!!

    • I’m very happy to hear that!

      I’m sure with Corona you will be able to code your own creations – plus if you’re an artist they’ll look awesome too :) (My own artistic ability is limited to questionable stick figures.)

      Peach :)

      PS – If you haven’t already, check out Corona For Newbies Part 1 – 4, a lot of people have taken their first steps with those and given positive feedback.

  4. Hey there Jen,

    Thank you very much :) There are indeed very few women but it seems like that is slowly changing. When I started using Corona I never saw any other women in the forum, or got comments, emails, etc. from them. Now there are a handful of us.

    I hope you enjoy the tutorials – Corona For Newbies 1 – 4 are a great starting point.

    Peach :)

    PS – Thank you, I appreciate the compliment RE the picture :)

  5. Hello Peach Pellen!

    I am very impressed with your talent and ability to teach/help others. It’s also great to meet more females in the tech field given that there are too few out there in the whole world! I’m new to corona so I will be sure to check out your tutorials to get myself started on it. Keep up the great work! Your picture does not look like a dude at all. You’re very pretty. =)


  6. Bueno Capitan.

  7. Seriously. WTH :-)



  8. Hello!

    Yes, spam is infuriating and I get more of it now than ever, including a good chunk from “John”.

    Things are great with me – I really should update this page though, it’s so old…. Maybe this week :)

    I am off to Palo Alto in 20 days – going to go and meet the Ansca team.

    Peach :D

  9. ^^^ lol – just had this through to my email, had forgotten to check back in here!!!!

    Dont you just love spam! NOT.

    Hope things are well with you Peach, been up to anything good of late ?

    - Damo

  10. John,

    Remember that little talk we had about how your spam was pissing me off?

    I politely told you to stop emailing you. You emailed me again. Then again. Then again.

    I have approved your comment (removed hyperlinks) so that others can see where you are from and what your idea of good business is. (SPOILER: It’s spam.)

    I do not want your emails, I do not want your comments and I do not wish you to give you any money – regardless of whether you have “some great discounts this month” or not.

    F’ing spammers trying to pass themselves off as business minded people irritate the hell out of me, especially when I take the time to politely request they stop spamming me because their spam emails contain no unsubscribe link, to unsubscribe to something I never subscribed to in the first place!


  11. Hi ,

    This is John from TheAppleClan.com

    I’ve previously sent you 2 emails regarding featuring Are You A Pirate? on our site.
    The emails might have gone into the spam folder or you had been too busy previously to reply.

    We’ve gone a long way since we started and have been consistently building a tight iPhone community that we believe can be of help to you

    Do stay in touch.


    P.S. I’ll send you updates when we achieved our milestones so that you know we walk the talk. Till later.

  12. Hey Damo :)

    Thanks very much for the kind words! I have never gotten into C or Obj C – but I do love Lua and Corona!

    There are a few of us around Australia, just most of us don’t seem to be very social, so it’s hard to find that out, heh.

    Do keep in touch if you face difficulties, I’m ridiculously busy but I always try to help when I can ;)

    Peach :)

  13. Hi there Peach!

    What a wonderful site and a great resource to have at our disposal!

    My friend and I have recently started a small company (he’s the code monkey and im the guy with the crayons).
    We’ve been having fun in c and objective-c (oh the joys!!!) and have only just started reading up on Corona. Im pretty sure we’ll be visiting your site quite frequently!

    Its great to see that your in Sydney too! We are based in Melbourne (at last a contact thats in the same time zone!)

    Would love to do some work with you (especially if we get stuck on something).

    Once again great site and cant wait to see what you have up your sleeves next!


  14. Hey,

    Sorry for the late reply – it has been a mad week for me!

    I really appreciate the kind words; and yes, next time I update my picture I’ll try to smile :)

    If you need help always feel free to get in touch; I don’t always have time to help everyone but so long as you aren’t trying to make me write hours of code, I always try to fit people in :)


  15. Howdy! Peach Pellen, congratulations! I read your ‘about page’ and I liked, I think that you are very sincere, althought your description is a little bit sad. Your pic obviously is from a sexy Australian Girl and althought you look very serious (please smile next time!) you look good. Please, keep a excellent attitude (positive and grateful) and the best things will start to flow to you! I obviously wish you, health and wealth).

    I’m a little bit impressed with you! (It isn’t easy! Very few girls achieve do it!), since, it isn’t common, see a Smart Girl like you in the programming world and in addition, sharing her knowledges with newbies like me! It’s time to express you my grateful for your Corona tutorials (I don’t know how I found your website, but I was lucky).

    If I need some help about Corona, I hope you might help me.
    Go ahead! Smart Girl. Get very positive attitude. (You have a good part – Helping others!).

    Sincerely yours, American Cowboy.

  16. Hi Peach,
    Thanks for your very valuable information….. I am a Corona beginner (still have to start on my first app) – I find your info very useful. Keep it up……. I hope you have you top app soon.
    Cheers – Ernst

    • Thanks Ernst :)

      I’m pleased I’ve been able to help you – and maybe one day I will have a top app, I sure hope so!

      Peach :)

  17. Hi Peach, thank you very much for your tutorials, they are great !!!, hope u make a lot of bucks!!!.

    Greetings from Spain.


  18. Good for you – I’m really pleased to hear that!

    Thanks so much for the kind words; I aim to help as many people as possible and if I’ve made things just a bit easier for you, then I’m happy :)

    Peach Pellen

  19. okay !! I have completed all your tuts without any headache! yatta!! yatta! instead of your pic I used text to make it disappear n that’s the only changes I made :D . We don’t want you to disappear!! :p These tuts are really helpful unlike others I have seen around ^___^ Thanks !!

  20. Hi, Peach

    Thanks A LOT for tutorials. They are great and I just love it :)

    So keep going

  21. I loved your about page <3. I have no idea about programming but I want to make games!! :P I was looking at tutorials and found your site!! hope u make a lot of bucks!!! hope I can learn something !! cheers!!

    • Thanks so much :)

      Don’t get overwhelmed, I didn’t know a thing about this stuff 6 months ago.

      Good luck – I hope I’ll see more of you. And that I make those bucks ;)

      Peach :)

  22. Heh, that’s cool – you are the only Biffy I know ^-^;

    My name comes from Princess Peach, from Mario Bros. My extended family on my mother’s side is large and all the kids were into Nintendo. In the end it just stuck but I found myself needing a last name too – so I took my mother’s – I am much closer to her side of the family than my father’s and so I went with Pellen.

    Not as interesting as it could be, but there ya go!

    PS – It’s only natural you would want me. I’m a Scar Twin and I’m ridiculously awesome! :P Frankly I’d have to question whether or not there was something wrong with you if you didn’t! xx

  23. Yeah, when i was a baby, my older brother couldnt say elizabeth, it came out Biffy, then thats what everyone called me. And come to find out, i know of two other Elizabeths, whos nicknames are also Biffy, lol. I really want to know how u got ur nick name tho? That would be really fun to know!

    Hahaha! You caught me! I sooo want you! lmao! I have a thing for ScarTwins! XD

  24. Well done Jon :D

    I did not know that Biffy was short for Elizabeth – that’s interesting. I actually have a sister called Beth, short for Bethany – people have asked previously if it’s short for Elizabeth :)

    Glad you enjoyed the games; the Koala one I wish had been more popular, I love games like that personally!

    And that totally wasn’t a joke – you’d love to date me :P

    Scar Twin xx

  25. HAHAHA! Biffy is short for Elizabeth btw. Most ppl dont know that.

    lol, ScarTwin, maybe we should go on a date! lmao! jp.

    And yes we are gonna make it. I played your games today, and they are very nice, u are good at making up game ideas. Jon kept playing the Happy Sushi, and Koala ones. And I played the boyfriend one, and Jon got a 98% score! Yay Jon!!

  26. Haha, thanks Biffy/Elizabeth/TWIX ^-^; (I do like TWIX!)

    I love your avatar; looking quite sexy yourself there :) Lovely picture.

    If we both stick with it we’ll both get rich eventually, I’m sure – I know what you do is different to what I do, but we’ll get there in our own ways :)

    Off to FB you.

    Scar Twin xx

  27. You dont look like a guy in that pic! Its SEXY! XD lol.

    Biffy isnt my legal name either, but i think it suits me better than Elizabeth. Maybe i can change it to TWIX or something! Hehehe.

    But i love that you stay passionate at building apps. And i know your going to be rich someday! Stay at it!!

  28. Thank you! Taylor, sorry I still haven’t emailed you, soon I hope – totally swamped. Tomorrow should be better, though.

    Piotr – Thank you – no one else commented! It took a bit but I think it looks much neater.

    More info about the Techority 48 Hour Challenge will come in a day or two, whenever I have a half hour free!

  29. I like Your new design!

  30. Hey Peach,
    Taylor here…Corona Noobie 101. I like your About. I would like to see if we can work out a Corona dealio…mentor thingy. Send me an email. Peace.

    • Hey Taylor, I missed this earlier, apologies! I did see the tweet however and replied right before a snooze. I’ll email you later today, time permitting ;)

  31. My email address is peachpellen at gm@il dot com. :)

    Currently I’m a tad swamped, was hired by someone to make them a little game – so if my response speed isn’t exactly blazing fast you’ll know why ;)

    Good URL, BTW.


  32. Peach,

    What’s your email address? We’re looking to contract some more developers. :)


  33. Hey Paul :)

    Thank you for the kind words regarding the pic, I appreciate that – and I’m glad you liked the page.

    I do love making apps, but I’ll love it a whole lot more when I’m not as concerned about money; at that stage I can make some really GOOD games rather than just mediocre apps. I do get by doing this and one or two other things, but only just – I’m working on that, though!

    I’d be interested to see your game when it is complete; I love seeing what others can do with Corona :)

    I’m happy to be a part of the community :)


  34. Peach … if you think your picture is a good one, stick with it. I like it.

    I enjoyed reading your about page – its surprisingly honest I thought. Thanks for sharing. It sounds like you love to create and build things (apps, in this case). Doing something you love is worth a lot. Its true you do need $$$, but if you’re able to do this and support yourself, that’s quite an accomplishment. I’m working on changing things up myself. I’m a software engineer where we mostly build line of business applications. I’ve got two applications (one is a game) I’m working on in my own time and am really enjoying using Corona. Thanks for reaching out and being part of the Corona community.


  35. Hi iMohammad!

    I’m glad you weren’t bored to tears by description of myself!

    The picture is one of only two I have currently that are decent as I don’t photograph myself, so I have to hope others take good pics. I chose that one as the other looks like I’m a poser ;)

    I downloaded Corona 12 weeks and 2 days ago, however I didn’t start coding for a month due to personal stuff going on at the time; so I’ve basically been using it for two months now :)

    Corona is fantastic!

  36. Well done describing your self I enjoy reading it!
    Girl! The way you looked at the camera is the reason why I thought you a guy too. you gotta change it;p

    By the way how long have you been a Corona developer? I haven’t started yet. Waiting for my itunes connect payout to purchase corona.


  37. Hello Piotr!

    I’m glad you like that post; I always do my best to help others, so if you ever need a hand do get in touch.

    Also, thanks, heh – I am a tad self conscious about how I look, so I appreciate that ^-^;

    Peach :)

  38. One more thing. Those who said you look like a dude must be blind because you clearly look like nice young woman!

  39. Hi Peach!

    I have no idea how i have found your blog but i like Your post about helping others and getting to know other Corona developers. I am in the middle of writing my first game now and if i have any trouble i will hit You with an email.

    Good luck! I think i will stop by here from time to time.


  40. hi Peach,

    cool introduction! And I press my thumbs for you that you will cash in more than that in the future.

    Btw. I love Sidney and Australia. Travelled along the east coast for 5 weeks at the beginning of 1999. It was awesome.


    • Hey Mike :)

      I am impressed/shocked anyone read it – let alone took the time to comment, cheers!

      It is a nice country and while I haven’t seen a lot of Sydney since moving here (not leaving the house much and all that) I did some here once a few years before relocating for a wedding and that was very nice indeed :)

      Thanks for the kind wishes, my first Corona app was approved 7 minutes ago, so perhaps I’ll have some luck with that ^-^;

      Peach :)

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