Techority 48 Hour Challenge 2011


Techority 48 Hour Results

Below are the results for the Techority 48 Hour Challenge – 2011

THIRD place:

In third place is Herman Wapenaar with his game, Jimima. (You will receive a 6 month iOS Corona license, as mentioned below.)


SECOND place:

In second place is Radamanthus Batnag with his game, Monkey VS Princess. (You will receive a 1 year subscription/extension iOS Corona license.)

monkey vs princess


MIKE LORENZ with his game, Princess Pixani.

princess pixani

Mike will receive a one year PRO subscription/extension to Corona, approximately $108 in prize money and of course all of the other prizes outlined further down the page. (I will be contacting prize donors to coordinate this.)

The random winner of the iPhone 4 Ansca cover is Louis Philip Grenier (This was a random prize, given out based on the roll of two die.)

Congratulations to everyone who took part.

Community events such as this one are important in my opinion as they can help to foster a sense of belonging and also build stronger community connections.

I’d like to thank everyone who participated and extend a special extra thanks to those of you who donated to me personally and, most of all, those who donated prizes for the competition.

I will be contacting those of you who need to be contacted to confirm some details shortly, so be sure to keep an eye on your emails tonight and tomorrow!

Peach Pellen

PS – I leave you with a picture of our winner at the end of the 48 hour mark;

Mike Lorenz

Yay, it’s Carlos!

Techority 48 Hour Challenge Requirements:

From the following list, every entry must include two of the four “things” below;

  • The Jungle
  • The Moon
  • A Monkey
  • A Princess

Remember, entries must be emailed to me by 12:00 AM Monday morning California time – that’s 48 hours from now.

If you aren’t following me on Twitter, you can do so now for any updates by using the button in the left sidebar.

Lastly, I’d really love it if anyone goes nuts with the Red Bull or Pepsi Max or what-have-you, or if you look like the walking dead by the 30 hour mark, if you’d email me any pictures! It would be a bit of fun if we had some to include on the site given that this is the first of what I hope will become an annual tradition for the Corona community.

Good luck and have fun!

Peach Pellen

PS – With 18 entrants, most of whom took advantage of the earlybird special, minus Paypal fees, the prize money is roughly $108.

UPDATE: Registrations have closed. The Challenge will commence in one hour.

UPDATE: The following email has been sent to all registered email addresses. If you didn’t get an email, check your spam, check it again, then get in touch if you are concerned.

Good Morning!

This email is being sent to every Techority 48 Hour Challenge contestant.

I’m writing to let you know that between 11:59 PM on Friday and 12:00 AM on Saturday (California time) when the Challenge begins, details about what needs to be included in your project will be posted on Techority, on the 48 Hour Challenge page, found here;

There will be a list containing four “things” posted; of these four you must choose two to include in your project. (Each judge will be selecting one “thing” for the list.)

All projects must be submitted by 12:00 AM Monday morning – there can be no exceptions.

Submissions will be made by emailing your project to this email address, and entries will then be distributed amongst the judges for scoring to take place. As previously discussed, results will be posted on Techority on March 5th, unless there are any unforeseen issues in which case results will be posted by the 14th.

Please get in touch if you have any questions!

Peach Pellen

The Techority 48 Hour Challenge, 26 – 27 February.

The challenge has been set, now it’s just a matter of preparing!



1st place winner gets a year PRO subscription or an extension of the subscription for  one year

2nd place winner gets 1 year IOS subscription or an extension to the subscription for one year (iOS only)

3rd place winner gets 6 months (iOS only)

AND ….

EVERYONE who takes part gets a 2 month extension regardless of subscription!

If you were torn on whether or not you should have a go at the Techority 48 Hour Challenge, this should make up your mind!

Even MORE great goodies!

Everyone who enters will automatically have a chance of winning one of the above two Ansca Microshell courtesy of Marware, Inc. – there are only two left in the world and the randomly selected winner will be able to choose which they want, the red pill or the blue pill. (For the iPhone 4, as you can see from the picture.)

Date and Time:

At 12:00 AM Saturday the 26th of February all entrants will receive an email letting them know that they may now begin work on their app. All submissions must be received by midnight Sunday the 27th. (12:00 AM Monday morning being the official cut-off time.) No exceptions can be made so please plan your time wisely.

*We will be using California time. I know this wont suit everyone, but it’s better than using Sydney time, (where I’m located,) and I hope most people will find it acceptable.


Carlos Icaza – Co Founder of Ansca Mobile.

Graham Ranson – Winner of a BAFTA and creator of Lime (development still in progress.)

Ryan – Creative Director of

Peach Pellen – Creator of Techority, Corona Fanatic.



Only Corona games will be accepted in this challenge. This is as much for practical reasons as any other; by only using Corona and accepting zipped, un-compiled project folders the process will be a lot simpler for all involved. Complete your project, zip it, email it.


Submissions will be via email – you may either email your zipped and complete project folder directly or email a download link to where you have hosted your file online, presumably your own website. (This is preferable.) All folders will then be uploaded to a DropBox (I’ll be asking the judges to get this if they don’t already have it, it’s free and fantastically convenient,) folder only accessible by the aforementioned judges.

Judging Process:

Judging will take place during the week following the competition, with the winner being announced the following Saturday. (March 5th.)

Judging will be based on the following categories, on a point system;

Design – Possible 20 points

This covers the overall look of the game, from your artwork, to icon, to how everything is laid out.

Fun – Possible 40 points

Obviously the covers the overall fun factor of your game.

Creativity/Originality – Possible 40 points

Self explanatory.

Each judge will rank each game based on the above three categories. The points are out of a possible total 100 as this will hopefully prevent us ending up with 5 games all tying for first place.

The total marks for each app will be calculated with the winner being the game with the highest score overall.

Ownership, Copyright, etc;

All submitted apps, icons, sounds, artwork and anything considered to be a part of a submitted project remains the property of it’s original owner. You may not use copyrighted material in your submissions. You do consent to images taken from your application to appear on and any other website that is covering the challenge or any aspect of it.

Including Other Code:

You may use Director as it is widely regarded as somewhat of a staple. You may also use one file for score implementation if you wish – which one is up to you. Beyond this, no submissions will be accepted if they include code not written by the submitter (that’s you!) – I think we can all agree this is fair.


The winner will receive:

- A 12 month subscription to Corona (Donated by Carlos Icaza of Corona)
- A copy of Lime once it is complete (Donated by Graham Ranson)
- An icon graphics pack (Donated by Biffy Beebe)
- 2 CDs (Donated by Sister Sin and Ricky)
- A copy of IndeED once it is complete (Donated by Michael Hartlef) (Now free, so not a prize, but get it because it's awesome!)
- A copy of Corona Project Manager (Donated by J.A. Whye of Game Dev Nation)
- A $50 iTunes gift card (Donated by Ryan of
- A sound and music pack (Donated by Digitapp)
- A carton of Corona* (Donated by Ryan of
- Some kind of cash prize**

*Only certain countries will be eligible, to be determined by Ryan. (This is due to postage costs/local availability/delivery options.) You must be over the legal drinking age in your country of residence. Those who are underage will receive a carton of their preferred “soft drink”, eg, Pepsi Max, Mountain Dew, Coca Cola, etc.

**The cash prize will not be determined until the very end of the challenge. This is because, at this stage, there is no way of knowing how many entrants there will be.

Standard Disclaimer Stuff:

Techority makes no guarantee on individual prizes in the event that a donor fails to provide said prize. Techority makes no guarantee as to the final cash prize. Paypal fees will come out of entry fees which go towards the cash prize. You cannot blame Techority, judges or donors for what could be considered “acts of God”. You will accept all rulings as final. You acknowledge that cheaters will be disqualified and barred from future entry into any competition, challenge or community event that Techority is responsible for. Entry fees are non refundable regardless of circumstance. At any time Techority may change any of the terms and conditions or the disclaimer without providing notice.

Lastly, no games may be submitted that would have a rating over M15+, so keep it clean, folks.

I think I’ve included all that needs including there – more prizes may be added and links or images can be changed at your request, suppose the link/image pertains to you.

Early bird registration for $5 will open on January 24th and will remain open until February 1st or to the first 20 entrants, whichever occurs first, at which point registration will cost $10. The final date for entry is the 25th of February. Plan accordingly.

How to register will be detailed here on the 23rd of January and fees will be accepted via Paypal only.

Your entry fee assures you a spot in the Techority 48 Hour Challenge while also contributing to the final cash prize for the winner.

Registration also entitles you to a $10 off coupon for Corona Project Manager, while submitting a completed app will entitle you to a 50% off coupon for the aforementioned.
There are things that will need to be included in your project that will not be announced until 12:00 AM (California time) at the commencement of the Challenge. Do not attempt to start early. Not including the required things will see you ineligible to win the Challenge.

I hope that covers all of your questions; I appreciate that everyone has been eager to hear more so this page is going up now, prior to registration opening.

Please let me know if you think anything else needs to be included – I look forward to next month!

Peach Pellen :)

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  2. [...] couple weeks back, Corona OZ ambassador Peach Pellen organized the Techority 48-Hour Challenge, a contest to see who could make the best Corona app in a [...]

  3. Thanks Carlos,

    I, along with everyone else I’m sure, really appreciate you getting involved; both as a judge and as an incredibly generous sponsor.

    I’ll be emailing you shortly :)

    Thanks again!


  4. Congratulations to all the winners !!!!!!!

    I had a lot of fun reviewing all the games and I have to say that the work you guys did in the short amount of time is impressive.

    Do send me screenshots, links to the games, etc. Include your name and email. I will have our head of PR contact you and write a blog post on our site as well.

    Thanks to all of you, the sponsors and special thanks to Peach for putting this together and pulling it off right before being a bit sick.


  5. Great video Carlos, even if you struggle to spell Techority ;)

    Thanks very much!

  6. Am saying hello to all of you for the great challenge and special thanks to Peach for putting this together and to all the sponsors.

    Video broadcast from Carlos


  7. I hope you guys are enjoying the 48 hour challenge and I look forward to seeing your creations when the challenge ends.

    Wishing you all the best from San Francisco at the GDC Startup Camp


  8. I’m saying that having an idea or three up your sleeve, if you are creative and thoughtful, you can work to requirements ^-^;

    So yes, coming up with a couple ideas ahead of time and brainstorming a little is probably a good idea, I imagine it is what most people will do as it gets closer.

    Peach :)

  9. So you *are* saying that I can come up with an idea for any kind of game, and pretty much no matter what my idea is, I should be able to work in 2 of your 4 requirements. ;-)

  10. I’m saying that part of being creative is being able to change and modify ideas to fit in other requirements or themes :P

    If you come up with a couple of possible game ideas ahead of time, that’s fine so long as you do not write a single line of code yet – and that I am sure you will be able to then combine your idea/s and the requirements without it being a huge and arduous task :P

    Make sense?

    Peach :)

  11. So you’re saying that I can come up with an idea for any kind of game, and pretty much no matter what my idea is, I should be able to work in 2 of your 4 requirements?

  12. Hey Mike/Lococo,

    The requirements, as stated somewhere in that wall of text above – will be a list of, most likely, 4 things – 2 of these must be chosen by each entrant to include in their app. Yes, this is in part to prevent people trying to start early and in part to make it more fun and challenging for all involved.

    You will not know these things until the moment the 48 hours begins.

    The trick is to come up with a good idea that you can change to suit your needs. For example, maybe you decide in advance it will be an “endless” game like Happy Doodle Sushi Smile; then when you know what must be included you work to fit those in if you don’t get any new ideas based on the requirements.

    I know art is worrying but with resources like and such you should be able to put it all together without a lot of stress.

    Trust me, 48 hours is a long time when you’re committed to the project ;)


  13. Hiya Peach:

    I just read this page again and I have some more questions for ya (sorry lol). I assume you guys are going to include a few requirements for each game submission to prevent people from starting their projects early. What kind of requirements will these be?

    Also, will we have to burn some of those 48 hours coming up with an idea, or will we have at least a day or two to start planning? For instance, if you gave us a list of 10 themes (underwater, seagulls, light/dark, time shifting, etc.) 24 hours before the start and said ONE of those themes will be the required one, that lets us start brainstorming some ideas, but it’s too many to write code for any of them. I’m worried that if I have absolutely nothing to go on ahead of time, I’ll have to burn hours and hours coming up with an idea, and I won’t have enough time left for coding and art.


  14. I see it there now! Apologies, hadn’t checked this morning as I had a weird day waking up so insanely late :)

    Thanks for the donation, and of course for taking part in the Challenge!

    PS – For those interested a new tutorial for score has just gone up.

  15. signed up and donated – looking forward to it!

    Peach, I didn’t see where you associate your email address or name with the entry, but it was a paypal transaction at maybe 6:45 california time yesterday evening.

  16. Hey Leo, yes it will :)

    Hey Lococo – like I said, no guarantees on spots yet, depends on the final score – the only guarantee I can give is that there will be one main winner ;)

    I imagine that some people who create apps for the Challenge might end up deciding to share their code; they can always submit it to the Corona website :)


  17. This will be cool!

  18. Yup, you answered my questions, thanks!

    It’s too bad that no one is going to have the pleasure of trying out the games for themselves. The judges will award 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, but it’s going to be like giving an Oscar to a movie that no one was allowed to see.

    It would be awesome if, by the next time we do this competition, Corona would come up with a way for us all to distribute a binary package that will run on any Corona simulator, but doesn’t contain the source code. Or maybe it comes as an .app with a copy of the simulator bundled in. This would also be incredibly useful for alpha & early beta testing.

  19. Depending on final positions we may be have a copy of Corona Project Manager for the runners up too; which I’m pretty jealous about as I want that myself! (Those who use it seem to LOVE it!)

    As to the source code, it is covered somewhere in the vast sea of text above – only the judges will see it and it remains entirely your own property.


    Peach :)

  20. Also, I forgot to ask, what about the source code? Is that going to be openly distributed, or are only the judges going to see it?

  21. Woot, registered! Also, is there nothing at all for 2nd & 3rd place? Or did I miss it?

  22. In that case you could always team up with a coder and do the art for it; that said, you still have just over a month – that’s a long time in Lua/Corona ;)

  23. My main problem here is that I can do art and eBook programming but the game programming is where I’m stuck. :(

  24. RE teams – I’m thinking that people, if they wish – may have up to TWO people working on app provided only ONE does the coding.

    Many people have a partner who does art for them and this has got to be acceptable.

    I will be looking over everyone’s code for obvious collaboration; certain things stand out when two people combine their code a lot of the time ;)

    While there’s no way to enforce this, I will trust the community not to pay anyone to do any part of their project for them – this would give people with money an unfair advantage IMHO.

  25. Looks like this will be an interesting thing. I’m hopeless at programming games in Corona at the moment but I’m sure we can come up with some thing with a bit of help.. I’m a ebook man at the moment.

    Can I join a team :)



  26. Thanks for taking the time to stop by, Carlos – I know you’re a busy man. <3

  27. Yes. This is exciting. Let the games begin !!!!!!!! Horns blowing :-)


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