Techority 48 Hour Challenge – 2012



Ansca Mobile Corona SDK


Corona Project Manager

Level Helper

Sprite Helper




Biffy Beebe Graphics Pack

Particle Candy by X-Pressive

Angrycarrot bannerAppiku

Level Builder Karnak Games




Winner Will Receive:

- One year Pro subscription to the Corona SDK courtesy of Ansca Mobile (Value: $349)

- A copy of Corona Project Manager courtesy of J. A. Whye (Value: $74.99)

- A copy of Lime courtesy of Graham Ranson (Value: £40/$62)

- A copy of LevelHelper courtesy of LevelHelper (Value: $20.99)

- A copy of SpriteHelper courtesy of SpriteHelper (Value: $13.99)

- A copy of Biffy Beebe’s latest graphics pack courtesy of Biffy Beebe (Value: $11)

- A copy of Particle Candy* courtesy of X-Pressive (Value:$39.95)

- A $25 iTunes gift card courtesy of Angry Carrot (Value: $25)

- A copy of Level Builder courtesy of Karnak Games*** (Value: $59.90)

Total Prize Value: $656.82

Two Runners Up Will Receive:

- A copy of Corona Project Manager courtesy of J. A. Whye (Value: $74.99)

- A copy of LevelHelper courtesy of LevelHelper (Value: $20.99)

- A copy of SpriteHelper courtesy of SpriteHelper (Value: $13.99)

- A$25 iTunes gift card courtesy of Appiku (Value: $25.00)

- A copy of Level Builder courtesy of Karnak Games*** (Value: $59.90)

Total Prize Value: $194.87

*Updates will not be available for technical reasons.

**More prizes are likely to be added prior to the contest beginning so please check back for details!

***Version 1.3, updates not included. Updatable version can be purchased at 70% off for the winners.

Date and Time

The challenge will be held on the last weekend in February (Saturday 25th – Sunday 26th).

The challenge will commence at 12:00 AM on the Saturday and end at 12:00 AM Monday, by which time all projects must be submitted. Late entries cannot be accepted.

All times shown are in PST. To find the current time in PST you may check this site.


Submission Requirements:

Only Corona made applications will be accepted. Code must be your own work but can also include any available third party classes such as Ice, Games Class, Director, etc.

Submissions must be appropriate – nothing that would receive a rating above M15+

Submissions must include at least 2 of the 4 elements suggested. These will be 4 random things announced at the commencement of the challenge. (Last year they were a monkey, princess, jungle and moon.)

Submission Process:

Applications can be submitted via email however I would greatly prefer it if you could upload your project to your server, dropbox, boxnet, etc. and provide a download link via email instead. (Please guys, think of my poor inbox!)

The email address for submission of projects/links is;

my emailAs previously mentioned entries must be submitted by 12:00 AM PST on Monday the 27th of February.

Individual/Team Requirements

Any individual is permitted to enter.

For a team you may have no more than 3 members and no more than one dedicated coder with the other team members devoted to art, sound, etc.

Judging Process:

Judging will take place in the week following the challenge with results being made public on Saturday the 3rd of March.

Judging will be based on a point system using the following categories with a maximum possible score of 100;

Design – 20 points

How the game looks and feels, the UI, the overall layout, etc.

Fun – 30 points

The overall fun-factor of your submission.

Use of Elements – 30 points

How you use the required elements. (Covered above.)

Creativity/Originality – 40 points

How creative/original your idea or execution is. Even a submission based on an already popular style of app can rank well here provided the execution has your own twists to it.

Standard Disclaimer Stuff:

Techority can make no guarantee on individual prizes in the event that the donor fails to provide said prize. If you are found to be cheating you will be barred from all future Techority events and will forfeit any prizes. Entry fees are non-refundable except in the event Techority does not fulfill its duties as outlined above. At any time Techority reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions. The Techority 48 Hour Challenge is independent of Ansca Mobile and other sponsors.

Applications may be made available to the community – please be aware that you are agreeing to this upon submission.

Screenshots will be published of some applications when the winner and runners up are announced.

That’s it!

Questions or comments? Let me know below.

Peach Pellen :)

  58 Responses to “Techority 48 Hour Challenge – 2012”

  1. [...] weekend I took a break from my work on Touch Towers to participate in the Techority 48 Hour Challenge, and I just put on the finishing touches and submitted my entry some minutes before midnight (all [...]

  2. [...] This is quick post to share the game I made for the "Techority48-hour Challenge – 2012" [...]

  3. Just signed up! I have no idea what I’m doing or even if I’ll have the time to finish something but it sounds like too much fun to let pass by :)

  4. I didn’t realize this was PST until I checked just now… I think I’ll stay up just to find out the elements, dream up some ideas in my sleep, and then get to work tomorrow morning. :)

    • @Edeb, I have emailed you, your payment was fine and you are good to go.

      @Satheesh – Sorry, timing never suits everyone. Lack of sleep can produce wonders, or hallucinations ;)

      @Alex – A good plan, good luck!

  5. Eagerly awaiting!
    Hate the timing though!
    This is gonna eat into my sleep time this weekend :D

  6. ummm… I think I screwed up my payment… mistyped my email adress. Can you check if you’ve received the money?

  7. Hiya! I was wondering if we’re allowed to use third party tools such as levelhelper/spritehelper to create levels?

  8. Do we get extra credit if we use all 4 elements instead of just 2?

    • Use of elements is one of the things judges will be looking at so yeah, if you can work in more I imagine you may get some extra points. (But wait and see what the elements are first, it may not be so easy ;))

  9. Tick Tock…….

  10. Do you want us to create all art/sound ourselves or is stuff we find/purchase online fair game?
    Some examples: a public domain sound on, a background skin purchased on, an open source sprite set from Just offhand those are a few ways I would normally supplement my own illustrations and sound, but I wanted to make sure those sources weren’t off limits or anything.
    Thanks for putting this on, this is going to be fun!

  11. Heh, thanks Nick – am proud to be an oddball. (Who would want to be normal?) ;)

  12. I left you some comments in your Gizmodo Article.

    I lolled.

  13. Oh man, I set myself up for one crazy weekend. I’m doing this competition and the AMC Best Picture showcase (12 hours of movies). So after I include sleep and mini breaks, I’m only going to have 18 hours of actual time to program and test. Phew… hopefully I still can make a decent game in this time. Wish me luck!

  14. [...] app in minutes, and a full app in a very short time, if you know the language. (In fact, there are competitions for Corona apps that allow 48 hours for development! Let’s see you do that with an [...]

  15. I’d like to offer three Corona SVG Level Builder licenses to the Challenge, as prizes to the 3 spots. I already sent you an e-mail, Peach.

    Thanks :)

  16. Hi Peach,

    Looking forward to competing in this contest. Quick question though…Do you know any tutorials on how to make sliders like Monster Mixers etc. I have a couple of ideas on games using that concept but I’m brand new to Corona and am trying to get an understanding of the framework. Thanks for your help.


    • Hey Dustin,

      I haven’t seen any tutorials like that and I’ve not played “Monster Mixers” but will try to check it out later, see if it’s something I might write sometime. In the meantime the forum is always a good place to get advice :)

  17. @Matt – If you’ve written something like that previously and want to use it that is OK, provided it only makes up a reasonable portion of your entry. Use your best judgement. There is no obligation to release it to the community before hand so you can do as you wish in that department. :)

    @Syphadias – Thank you, I appreciate that. What kind of prizes do you think would be useful to Corona users? Are there other tools not listed above you enjoy using?

    @Brandon – The free version is fine.

    @Kep – I’m getting pretty excited about it too. (I wish I could enter myself, haha.)

    @Fishbrain/Luke – I know you like Ludum Dare, your last entry was great, I actually shared it on Twitter and quite a few Corona users commented on it positively. (One was confused because he kept dying, hehe.)


  18. I’ve decided to enter this one Peach… woohoo! :) lol

    I’ve been in a few Ludum Dares, and they are great – they’ve become quite popular now. The last one had nearly 900 entries, and they’re about to have their 10th anniversary.

    A 48 hour game challenge is something I recommend to everyone. Be warned – it’s not easy. But it’s great fun!

  19. Signed up. I’m really excited for this, thanks Peach. :)

  20. Do you have to have a corona sdk subscription to enter, or can you use the free version?

  21. Sorry, that was a bit harsh. I’m sure that the prizes are useful to other people. It’s an interesting competition though nonetheless.

  22. Will we be able to use code we have written previously (game engine sort of stuff)? The rule for LD48 is that you can as long as you open the source for other entrants before the competition.

  23. @Igor – I’m about community, ergo, Techority is about community. I like this idea of sharing two days work with others. You may not and others may not – but as I said above if the general consensus is that people feel this is a negative thing I will adjust the terms and conditions. So please, anyone else who would rather this not be the case, let me know – here, email, twitter, FB, whatever.

    @Dave – Awesome stuff. I actually wrote a game in 48 hours while I was still new to Corona. It wasn’t fantastic but a lot of fun, it is actually what inspired the 48 Hour Challenge :) Best of luck to you.

    @Syphadias – I do not share your view point. All the sponsors are providing awesome prizes in my opinion and the opinion of every other entrant who has expressed an opinion excluding yourself. If you choose to enter and win you may donate your prizes to any other Corona user you see fit, I would be happy to help accommodate this and I’m sure they would be equally happy to receive them.

    @ETdoFresh – You don’t have to record anything, just work over the period, submit and cross your fingers ;) The results of pushing yourself over a short period can be surprisingly impressive. It’s a lot of fun even if it is exhausting. (And make no mistake, it IS exhausting.)

    On that note I’m off to bed – any other questions from anyone please do post, I’ll be checking in regularly.

    RE keeping up to date Twitter is the best place although obviously there will be posts and updates to this page as the challenge nears, commences and progresses.


  24. Wow, I just entered. I can’t believe I’m doing this… I wonder what kind of game I can make in 48 hours? First time every doing anything like this. Hope to gain some crazy experience coding/creating a straight 48 hours (and some sleep and food I guess) on a game. I am curious to see how much can get done!

    So do I have to record myself for 48 hours, record my screen, both, or neither?

  25. Worst prizes ever….

  26. I am new to Corona SDK, still using the trial. But, I just can’t believe that people quibble over $15. You can’t event take a kid to McDonalds without dropping that much. This contest sounds like fun. I have never participated in anything like it and I am looking forward to it. Will probably take a day off from my boring corporate job to have some fun challenging myself to create something in such a short period of time.

  27. The “may be” seems negative when it’s not explicit who will decide on that. I myself would not like to make my source code available…

  28. what do you mean by Applications may be made available to the community – please be aware that you are agreeing to this upon submission.
    the source code or the show case section

    • When the Hackathon happened last August some projects were open source. (I can’t recall if it was all of them or just the winner.) When posting this years rules I wanted to include that in the guidelines in case we ever wanted to do that as well.

      Is that something you feel is negative? (If so I’m happy to get some more feedback from other entrants – if it’s something others agree with this can always be changed.) :)

  29. Very tempting! Think i may have to sign up soon.. looks like a lot of fun.

    Out of interest.. you say about cheating etc, but isn’t having a load of 3rd party scripts pre-made kind of cheating in itself? How would you differentiate between pre-made scripts and cheating?

    • Hey there,

      3rd party libraries/classes aren’t going to write the app for you, just make it easier – and there are a number of these available to everyone, so no one is at an advantage here.

      When it comes to telling the difference between cheating and pre-made scripts that only make up a small portion of the overall application, there are a number of ways to determine that however I wont post details as on the off chance anyone is thinking of cheating I don’t want them knowing exactly what they should do to try and avoid being detected. (That said I’m confident no one will do that; we have a good community.)

  30. Time is one of those things; the only way to get more is to sleep less and that never ends well.

    I think your game will be awesome and look forward to seeing it in the not too distant future :D

    No worries RE the judging panel, I think between you, Robert Nay and myself we have a good little setup going.

    I kind of wish I could enter myself – I do love a challenge ;)

  31. I always wish to be better, but time constraints are always in heavy consideration :)

    My current game uses temp touch joints and I do calculations of where a finger is at and generate a new touch joint in proximity. I have also made what I call a “Multi Layer, Multi Object Multi Grid, Adaptive Collision Detection, or MLMOMGACD for short :) all that to solve a ‘pass through object’ issue with Box2d. Wasted nearly 2 months trying to figure it out…..

    …anyway, thanks for putting me on the panel I am sure to offer an interesting perspective, and I am picky but fair :)

    w00t. can’t wait!!


  32. Glad to hear that about the wrist, haha.

    You certainly have an interesting background :) (And I think your programming skills are great, you’ve come a long way very quickly from what I have seen.)

    We will touch base on the judging closer to the date – I wont hold you to a commitment this far ahead but certainly it would be cool to have you involved with that as well :)


  33. wrist is better, iced it and stretched muscles etc. Seems to be WAY better than I thought! :) :), i’m laying off it until maybe sunday hehe…then I may play again….maybe…..

    What most people ( a tiny bit of self bragging here hehe) don’t know is my background is odd. I’m a datacenter engineer who’s working in all facets of IT, but has an extensive engineering background in music (recording engineer, sound effects, soundtracks etc). Now, I want to make games so I’m roping in that music experience and production experience of timelines, budget, key pieces etc of what makes a project work or not – to the realm of game development.

    Yea, my skill as a programmer are still pretty CACA, although I’m cooking up something really cool.

    Anyway, selfless plug over. I have it narrowed down to a couple of graphics.

    For the judging, yea, I would make time for it. Just another opinion I guess, a different perspective? Anyway let me know, and the banner will come soon :)


  34. Hey Nick,

    I don’t mean to rush you about the banner – it’s more just that I feel bad you’re a sponsor but don’t have a nice graphic up promoting yourself yet, that’s all :)

    I am sorry to hear about your wrist although it sounds like you had a lot of fun with the music, (which I will look forward to hearing!) so maybe worth it?

    Leave it with me about the judging, I may very well take you up on that – thank you :)

  35. @jay ya no shit. I was just taking a look. People don’t want to pay and come to techority, WHATEVER, go be stuck in a time zone from the 90s. Stay behind, stay behind the edge. yep.

    @ peach no problem. I’m still working on the banner, i’ve been in the recording studio all this week playing drums for some of the game tracks (the music is gonna be so epic, full orchestra, industrial sounds omg it’s cool) but I have sprained my wrist (as of about 1 hour ago, icing it now and typing this…lol).

    So it appears I will have some time at the end of the month of Feb 2012, I won’t be competing but do you need another judge? I’d like to be involved in some fashion or another, or need help with something else…I dunno, whatever.

    and that banner….yes I’ll get it to you soon enough! :)

  36. @Nick, thanks for that – it’s always nice when people see how much effort goes into this kind of thing. Your prize is also appreciated :) (Now we just need your banner!)

    @Jay, thank you – I certainly try to make it one of a kind. Sponsors such as Nick and yourself help to make that possible :)

  37. “…there are free coding challenges like Ludum Dare.”

    But there is NOTHING like the Techority 48-Hour Challenge, free OR paid! It’s a one-of-a-kind event! :)


    PS – Ludum Dare is also focused on web and Windows games — to me they seem to be stuck in the 90s.

  38. @Glenn
    “I was thinking about trying this challenge for fun next year until I noticed there was an entry fee. Sorry Peach I support your efforts but there are free coding challenges like Ludum Dare.”

    It’s $15 bucks. Really? I think for arranging the whole contest, dealing with emails, staying up all hours of the night and putting all this effort into it is worth it. Plus people use this site, grab projects and tutorials, etc FOR FREE. Yes, there are free sites out there, and lots of sites go up then go down (due to being free). I’d rather donate (which I have a couple of times in the past already) and pay a SMALL fee to enter a contest, knowing the $ is used to better the site and content, rather than roll the dice on a fly by night thing.

    I am one of the sponsors (Angry Carrot) and I’m giving $25 gift card + possibly something else and even though I am not entering (I’m releasing Feb 2012) I was already willing to pony up for the fee. Plus look at all the people pitching in prizes, they are giving away their hardwork.

    So I guess my point is I completely disagree! The $15 is a paltry fee, for the experience.

    The end. :)

    ng (aka cellphonegaming / angrycarrot on twitter, aka Angry Carrot).

    :0 :)- :)_

  39. Well as I’ll be starting uni immediately after the challenge I think I’ll be needing it ;)

  40. ha….beer fund. :)

  41. Ahhh. I was thinking about trying this challenge for fun next year until I noticed there was an entry fee. Sorry Peach I support your efforts but there are free coding challenges like Ludum Dare.


    • Hey Glenn,

      I’m sorry to hear that but understand entirely; unfortunately it’s hard to try and find a balance, a little money means more prizes at the end of the day and last year it was peoples’ opinion that prizes made it more fun. (As opposed to the idea of a free, bragging rights only kind of thing.)

      I’d be interested to hear your opinion on that :) (It’s the kind of thing I’d be happy to differently in the future if people preferred that.)

  42. Heya Peach, I’m really glad to see you’ll be doing this again. I had a great time in the last one; it was a fantastic experience.

    I recommend that everyone try this competition – believe me, you can do a lot more in one weekend than you probably thought possible!


    • Hey Mike!

      Thanks for the kind words – I remember Princess Pixani well, it was a great little game :) (With a wonderful name!)

      Peach :)

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