Below are a few testimonials written by developerss who I have worked with in the past.

Most recent testimonial:

I wanted to reach out because I’ve been playing it on my phone after following your instructions about clearing the data and I have had ZERO issues. Thank you for being so patient, thank you for being so dedicated, thank you for being so knowledgeable. You have truly been an asset to this project and words cannot express how lucky we are to have had you work on Quiztory. Good luck on your new endeavor but please keep some time stashed away for us for future projects. :-)


John, US -

Ten Reasons why you should hire Peach Pellen:

10. Peach has always been prompt in my email requests within 24-48 hours. With that type of turn-around, I know I can count on Peach if I ever got into a critical situation.

9.  Peach is very clear in her communication style and makes every effort to ensure you are understanding her explanations in coding style and strategies. Her code explanations are clear and understandable by even novice coders.

8.  Peach has the experience to quickly determine coding errors to help you move on with your project. She has a vast  network of Corona experts at her disposal to help solve any technical problem.

7.  Peach is ALWAYS positive and willing to help customers who demonstrate a professional and respectful attitude. As long as you are upfront and forthright in your desire to learn and produce an outstanding app, Peach is someone you can put your trust and confidence in.

6.  Peach will tell you that if she cannot do something that is in your best interest, she will truly share her thoughts and concerns regarding your project. Her ability to effectively communicate in email is only exceeded by her high level of professionalism in every thing she does.

5.  Peach will be the first one to tell you if she made a mistake or misunderstood your query regarding a project and apologize without any reservations in a professional manner.

4.  Peach has great focus and can provide invaluable insight into marketing, pricing and distribution strategies. This only comes from years of experience herself creating and selling her own apps!

3.  Peach puts in long hours. I can personally attest that with the time zone differences between California and Sydney, Peach is always up and helping her customers at all hours of the day and night. I truly don’t know where she gets her stamina. Must be those good English genes!

2.  Peach is compassionate about having you learn Corona SDK. She is willing to share her own experiences to help others to become successful. I had an idea to develop a children’s app and within three weeks of working with Peach, I got it submitted to Apple and within six days it was approved an in the store! And this was during the Christmas holiday season which is a very busy time for everyone!

1.  Peach is honest and ethical. I have been in the public, private and corporate sector for the past 44 years and have worked closely with hundreds of folks. In my judgement, Peach is as honest as they come. She is very professional, has a clear commitment to help others and I have no reservations in recommending Peach Pellen for any Corona SDK project you have in mind. She is definitely worth every penny you would pay for her services.

CW, UK -

I’m totally new to developing and since discovering Corona and trying to build apps, the only thing that has got me through are the tutorials and help from Peach Pellen.Peach is friendly, warm, helpful and very, very patient.
The prospect of building apps is a very scary one, when you have no prior experience or knowledge. With Peach’s help I’ve come on in leaps and bounds and though I still have much to learn, I know that I would probably have given up by now if it wasn’t for Peach.
I would highly recommend booking sessions with Peach if you are a newbie and trying to grasp and understand the basics.
I love Corona and I love Peach!!

Jake, US -

For the past month I have been trying to recreate this game for a client. The orignal game was programed in flash cs2 and I was really new at coding and I kept getting errors and not really getting it. I needed something new and I heard of  Corona and got into it right away. I had a lot of questions needed a little help to get me started and searched the internet and found something on controlling a picture of a beautiful  girl with a control pad on the bottom right. It helped me understand right away. I really wanted to know who made this spectacular tutorial and I found the name ”Peach Pellen” and I went and asked for a lesson and within the next day I got one. It was the best lesson I ever had. I had a flash action script lesson with this dude and he was not so good but PEACH PELLEN is the BEST!

Other Awesome Feedback;

“You were amazing developer to work with. You were so helpful, very understanding and I wish ALL developers around the world were like you! simply perfect!”

“Peach, I love you <3 You are always helping me!”

“Awesome peach, your ever helpfulness is heavenly.”

“Thanks once again Peach :) and Ansca. Great support for a fantastic SDK.”

“Peach, by the way, I LOVED your tutorials, they were so clear for me that I could begin coding for the first time.”

“Thanks so so much!!!! You are my hero! Ive been working on this for hours!!! Thank you!”

“Peach, as always… you’re the best!”

“Thank you so much Peach, That’s why I love Corona, because there is always some one like you helping us.”

“Thanks for being so helpful on the fora and so outrageously enthusiastic about Corona.”


“Thank you so much Mrs. Peach Pellen! You`re one of the biggest person that has helped me getting it!”

“Thanks peach, you are always first to respond :)”

“You are a great asset to the Corona community.”

“Thank you so MUCH Peach. You again save the day!”

“Thanks again for you help, and for all you do for the Corona community. You honestly were the first name I saw as an authority in all things Corona when I started down this path. So, thank you for being thusly so!”

“Oohhh thanks a ton Peach for all your help in getting this resolved! You’re amazing!!”

“It literally took me minutes to get everything working once I saw your code after I’d spent hours with no progress. Thank you!”

“Hey Peach, thanks for your fantastic community support.”

“I can tell you from experience that Peach has the rare gift of being a natural teacher.”

“id just like to add that peach is awesome. i think i speak for many when i say that she has made me a better developer.”

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